My favourite Lithuanian snacks

I knew nothing about Lithuania before 2012. In fact, the first time I heard of the capital, Vilnius, was in a hostel in Tallinn, Estonia. Back then, I thought maybe one day I will visit . And that one day came that December on one of the coldest winter in a decade or more. Before leaving for Vilnius, I read up on Wikitravel which had a security alert about the city. A short transit in Kiev, Ukraine and I stepped foot into Vilnius for the first time. The cold winter and Wikitravel security alert gave the city a bad initial impression. But like wine, my love for Lithuania grew with time as I knew more about the country. I decided to put together a short list of my favourite Lithuanian snacks to share and bring more attention to this lovely country.


Kepta Duona. Fried rye bread topped with garlic and a cheese dip.

This is best enjoyed with some nice cold Lithuanian wheat beer. For around 6 litas , you can get a pretty decent portion at any local bar. It might seem like a simple dish but it takes skill to fry the rye bread till crispy accompanied with a thick and sticky cheese dip.


Orange Beer

I hate anything which is orange flavoured because the artificially created flavour seems nothing like the fruit. But this juice beer proved me so damn wrong. The first time my boy suggested to try it, I scrunched my nose and rejected his suggestion. He ignored my outright display of dislike and went ahead to get it. Thank you baby! This is probably the only orange flavoured item that I will ever like. The same beer has a lemon flavoured and cola flavoured cousin. But if you trust me, the orange beer is the way to go.


Surelis Milk curd bar

These tiny bars are small but lethal. It contains up to 30% fat in these little bars which comes in assorted flavours . The first time I tried it , I did not like it very much. The reason being that I am not a fan of chocolates and these tiny fat bombs are usually coated with chocolate. But my boy introduced me to his favourite surelis which is encased in white chocolate and filled with raspberries flavoured curd. Lovely lovely lovely.


Varske Milk curd snack

Another milk curd snack which exists in a different form. It is similar to a curd porridge and comes with a small side of apples and cinnamon jam. I love anything with apples and cinnamon and this is no exception. It makes a yummy breakfast and feels kinda healthy too.

2012-12-17 17.58.48

Baltas Alus Lithuanian wheat beer

Germany is famous for its beers but who knew about Lithuania ? This is by far one of my favourite-st beers ever. No words will be able to explain its complexity in flavour and you will have to try to know. Be prepared to be blown away by this amazing Lithuanian wheat beer. Do try the baltas alus from Svyturys which is based in Klaipeda and makes one of the best baltas.

2012-12-20 14.49.25

Dessert cheese

Sweet cheese with jelly . Could life get any better ? The first time I saw it , I was mesmerised by the beauty of this dessert. Then came the taste which totally just blew me away. Nowhere could you find this and it is definitely a must try in Lithuania. In fact, it is one of my staples whenever I visit my boy.

Writing all of these makes me miss all the wonderful Lithuanian food. But maybe more than, I miss the company I had through all these food adventures. These might not be food which are introduced by any travel guide but it is definitely worth trying. Looking forward to finding out more about Lithuanian cuisine with my Lithuanian boy in our future adventures.