Prawn dumplings (水饺)

Living alone in a foreign city helps you discover a new side to yourself. I never thought it was possible to miss Chinese food while living in a Chinese city but it happened. During my short stay in Shanghai, I craved for homemade Chinese food so much that I attempted to recreate the much missed dumplings which are very much different from those in China. For starters, the dumplings I am familiar with contains water chestnuts , prawn and pork while Chinese dumplings usually contains pork and chives. And the soup base is also vastly different, I eat my dumplings in a radish soup with loads of greens while in China its eaten dry with vinegar.The skin used for wrapping the dumplings is also different. There are so many differences that it makes me confused how two things with the same name could be so different. Here is a recipe which is actually by my Mum and its pretty darn awesome. And this are dumplings, my style.



500g minced pork ( try to use pork with a little fat in it )
10 water chestnuts ( peeled and chopped roughly )
10 dried mushrooms ( soak for about an hour before squeezing it dry and chop )
10 black fungus ( washed and chopped )
10 medium sized prawns ( deshelled and chopped roughly )
1 packet of dumplings skin ( I got the yellow ones which are thinner. DO NOT USE THE THICK WHITE ONES )
1/2 cup chives ( chopped roughly )
1/2 chicken bouillon cubed ( smashed into fine powder )
3 tbsp Shaoxing wine
3 tbsp fish sauce
3 tbsp sesame oil
White pepper



1) Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix till all ingredients are well combined.


2) Prepare a bowl of clean water . Take a dumpling skin and one full tablespoon of filling . Use the clean water to wet the inner rim of the skin ( the side with the filling ) before folding it together. Instead of using water, you can also use a beaten egg to ensure that the fold holds.

3) Place the folded dumplings in a large tray. I added mine to Radish soup and it was pretty awesome. Just bring the soup to a boil before adding it in. The dumplings will be ready in about five minutes. The dumplings should be dusted with extra flour if not cooked immediately.



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