Easy chicken wrap

I never caught on the trend on popular social media sites. I have Facebook for occasional stalking  staying in touch with friends. But things like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest I just do not get. My lack of talents for photography means that I will not be able to catch the perfect shot. I do not feel the constant need to express my emotions with a limited number of characters and my interest is already printed in things called cookbooks. Maybe I am more of a receiver of social media but not an active contributor. Or maybe I am just too old to be able to understand such trends, at least my mind is stuck in the past. Watching people around me share their life on social media makes yearn to be more socially active at times. But honestly, when the next tab of a new recipe is done loading those thoughts vanish. Maybe another time and in a parallel universe for me and social media. 

Now on a totally unrelated note, this is a wholesome chicken wrap for a to-go lunch !



Handful of pea shoots ( washed )
Two tablespoon green pesto
One tablespoon plain yogurt
One teaspoon minced garlic
One baked chicken breast ( shredded ) I baked mine with Cajun seasoning
Handful cherry tomatoes ( halved )
One Japanese cucumber ( peeled and diced )


1) Prepare the chapati according to the recipe provided

2)Mix the green pesto , yogurt and garlic 

3)Lay out the chapati and place the other ingredients on it in whichever quantity preferred

4)How easy does it get ? The only thing left to do now is to wrap it up and bon appetit!


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