Easter salad

This year, I had a really special Easter this year. I spent it with my special boy and his wonderful family. I have never celebrated Easter and it was so much fun. We made eggs with patterns, great barbecue food and loads of games. Though Easter is long over , I still cannot forget it. So I will share a wonderful salad recipe that special boy’s Mum made on Easter day. This is a refreshing salad which took me by surprise. The flavours blended so well that my usual dislike for beetroot and carrot did not stop me from taking seconds.


1 medium sized beetroot
1 canned cannellini beans
1 carrot
4 gherkin
2 tablespoon EVOO
A pinch of salt



1) Place the beetroot and carrot in a pot of boiling water. Boil it for around 30 minutes.

2) Remove the beetroot and carrot from the pot. Peel off the skin of both vegetable.

3) Dice the beetroot , carrot and gherkin

4) Rinse the cannellini beans with some boiled water



5) Mix all ingredients in a large bowl



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